Rialto Theatre

Rialto Theatre

A vibrant history and a bright future complement each other at the historic Rialto Theatre. Whether you are coming out for the latest movie or a live event, we provide memories which stick with you.

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14 E. Main Street
Canton, PA 17724

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Theatre Tech Specs

Rialto Theatre – 1 Screen 

  • Platform stage
    • No wing or backstage space
    • No theatre curtains
  • Seating – 156 seats

Rialto Theatre History

(Formerly Crawford Theatre – 1912 Canton, PA)

Originally built as the Crawford Theatre by Hugh Crawford, the Rialto Theatre opened on Christmas Day, 1912. The Crawford (Rialto) Theatre had 308 seats and was billed as “Canton’s Center of Amusement.” 

For many years, the Rialto was the domain of Lou Smithgall Anderson. Several generations of small Cantonians had their first “window on the world”, along with lessons in the art of behaving in public, at the Rialto on Saturday afternoons. The Lou Smithgall Museum located in the Theatre creates a space of memories and memorabilia of Lou Smithgall Anderson’s time as owner and operator of the Rialto. 

In 1994, the Bradford County Regional Arts Council (BCRAC) purchased the Rialto Theatre, and in less than one year, a major renovation transformed the Rialto into a fully operational movie theatre again, complete with surround sound stereo, a new platter movie projection system, new seating, along with new heating and air conditioning units. These renovations were fully funded by Canton community support.

On May 27th, 2013 the Theatre was temporarily shut down in order to convert from the old industry standard 35 mm projector to a fully digital projector with 3D capabilities. In addition to the projector conversion, the Rialto also underwent a mini renovation. Thanks to staff, local contractors and wonderful volunteers, the theatre was cleaned from top to bottom and received a new paint job and other needed repairs. The Rialto Theatre reopened with a Red Carpet Event highlighting its first 3D movie, “Star Trek: Into Darkness.”

The Rialto offers premiere movies, film festivals, live entertainment on stage ranging from classical to country as well as organizations using the Rialto for lecture series, meetings and much more. The “Thursdays at the Rialto” live performance series includes a variety of artists and musicians – offering a diverse series of 4 concerts, documentaries, and National Theatre Live productions. 

The Rialto has an active community-based Advisory Committee that organizes and works at events to help raise funds that go to maintain and repair the historic Rialto Theatre. 

 The year 2020 marks the beginning of the Rialto’s 109th year.

For more information on these events and the Rialto Theatre itself, please visit the BCRAC movie website at bradfordcountymovies.com


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