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The Sayre Theatre temporary marquee was removed Thursday morning to begin site work for the installation of the new marquee in late summer.

Thursday, June 9, 2016


SAYRE, PA (Thursday, June 9, 2016) – The Bradford County Regional Arts Council volunteers and employees from Jeff Paul Heating and Plumbing removed the temporary marquee from the Sayre Theatre Thursday morning. The marquee was removed to begin site preparation work for the installation of the new marquee in late summer. The new marquee will retain the look of the old marquee but will be supported by columns underneath as well as the anchoring cables that were part of the marquee that was removed in March of 2015.

The fabrication process for the new marquee is underway and is being done by the Bartush Signs of Orwigsburg, Pennsylvania. The company was selected from a field of applicants and has fabricated beautiful theatre marquees throughout the Commonwealth including the magnificent Majestic Theatre marquee in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania as well as the marquees of The County Theatre, The Ambler Theatre, and The Bryn Mawr Theatre, in the Philadelphia area.

Bartush’s proposal was the most comprehensive as a regional company, which leaves the BCRAC in a better position for troubleshooting and repairs.  The final design will include open-faced channel lettering with neon tubing on all three sides.  The channel letter design is a slight deviation from the previous marquee, but is historically consistent and will improve the nighttime appearance of the marquee. The final choice of Bartush, also helped to reduce the original cost of $256,600 to $201,700 for Phase One of the restoration.

The restoration of the Sayre Marquee began when it became evident that there was some deterioration of the soffit in the summer of 2014. After further investigation, and with the help and inspection of BCRAC friend and supporter HUNT Engineers, it was discovered that there was more deterioration than was originally evident. After a 2015 January BCRAC Board meeting, deliberation and discussion, it was advised and accepted to replace the entire piece as opposed to a facial repair that would ultimately cost more in resources as an end result

In November of 2015, the BCRAC announced the public phase of fundraising for the Sayre Theatre Marquee and Building Project.  Phase One, the marquee replacement, was fully funded by Christmas, allowing for the portion of the project to move forward while continuing to raise funds for the second and less exciting Phase Two, the much needed brick repointing and repair work on the building itself.  Repointing work on old buildings addresses the issue of mortar decay.  When mortar begins to decay, several issues begin to appear, the most visible is areas where mortar is completely missing, or so soft that you can pierce it easily with something as simple as the tip of a pencil.  The biggest concern then is water, which can easily seep behind and between the bricks causing costly damage to the building. Repointing is expensive yet vitally necessary work that preserves the historic integrity and the cultural beauty of our century old buildings.

The unveiling and “relighting” of the Sayre Marquee is planned for the end of the summer. A specific date has not been announced as the coordination of many different things is dependent upon each piece going according to plan.  The site work must be done, followed by the structural frame which is being fabricated and donated by Nucor/Vulcraft and then the installation of the portion of the marquee that most would recognize as “the marquee.” Finish work includes electrical work and rubber roofing. The completed marquee will be beautiful and constructed of modern materials that will last and work more efficiently.

The BCRAC staff and board members would like to extend their thank you and appreciation to the following contributors: Hunt engineering, Jeff Paul Plumbing and Heating, Nucor/Vulcraft, Mattison’s Bucket Service, Corning Foundation, the 2015 Holiday Home Tour, Guthrie Clinic, Croft Lumber, the 100th Anniversary Sayre Committee, the Guthrie Turkey Trot, the Sayre American Legion, the Sayre Marquee Committee, the Bradford County Commissioners, the family of the late Dr. Bruce Boselli, as well as those who request to remain anonymous. Your continued support and patronage are invaluable as we move forward with this (and other) projects.

About the Sayre Theatre : Opening December 31, 1914 with its official dedication January 1, 2015, and has remained opened through the purchase in 1994 by the BCRAC, transforming the former Opera House into a modern, comfortable and friendly arts center.  Contact Sayre Theatre Manager, Ken Carle, for more information, or visit BCRAC online at or

About the Bradford County Regional Arts Council: Established in 1976, the BCRAC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to building and supporting a thriving regional arts community by advocating for the Arts, cultivating quality arts programming and preserving Bradford County’s historic theatres as venues for performances, community events and movies.  For more information, visit BCRAC online at or