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Alexander Trio

Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes: Trio Alexander

Sponsored by GUTHRIE
April 8, 2017 @ 7:30
Sayre Theatre: Guthrie Performing Arts Center
CALL 570.268.2787 to purchase tickets.

Trio Alexander: The trio consists of OSFL violist Adam Cordle; flutist Caroline Sonett; and harpist Rosanna Moore.

Their repertoire includes the works of Claude Debussy, Kaija Saariaho, Jacques Ibert, Alan Rawsthorne, Leo Smit, and D.J. Spare. 

Trio Alexander seeks to present works for the flute-viola-harp trio in a new light by not only performing standard repertoire, but commissioning new works from a range of composers and transcribing their own arrangements and delving into improvisation and non-notated media, such as jazz and folk music. (above info taken from their website)

Their website is here:

Their Facebook page is here:

About the Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes:  The Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes (OSFL) was created in 1995 through the merger of the Corning Philharmonic and the Elmira Symphony. Corning-Elmira Musical Arts, Inc. (CEMA) is the non-profit entity created at that time to oversee the activities of the OSFL. In addition to the OSFL, CEMA oversees the Youth Orchestra of the Southern Finger Lakes (YOSFL), the Junior String Ensemble (JSE), and the Chorus of the Southern Finger Lakes (CSFL). It also administers the annual Doreen B. Hertzog Concert/Aria competition for young musicians. 

Since its first season in 1995-1996, the OSFL has been committed to the performance of the masterworks of the orchestra repertoire, as well as to performances of works by living composers. 

The OSFL regularly performs four full orchestra concerts a year in Elmira and Corning, New York. It additionally organizes four Chamber Music concerts, and this year is pleased to add a fifth Chamber Music concert at the Sayre Theatre.

Website:   (this woefully old-fashioned site will be updated in the next couple weeks! the URL will be the same)

Facebook page:


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